Sapphire Moon

Trish Michaels

Trish MichaelsTrish developed her unique ability to package messages and penetrate mass markets during her years as a TV anchorwoman.  “We lived and died by market research and audience ratings.  They’re ruthless, but powerful teachers.  I learned to get to the heart of the message quickly and effectively to keep audience interested.”  Those skills became the foundation to Trish’s success in advertising and marketing.

When Trish left TV news in the mid 80s, the corporate world eagerly embraced her communication skills.  She produced corporate videos and marketing campaigns for companies all over the world.  “Clients liked the way I told their corporate stories because it got the attention of their audiences.  They kept asking me to get more involved in their marketing.” 

With the support of key clients, Trish launched Sapphire Moon in 1989.  “I found my bliss,” she says.  “I get to express my creative talents, apply my strategic skills and help clients reach their goals.  And I get paid too?  This must be heaven.”

Sapphire Moon won over 50 awards for originality and creativity in its first year.  “Then we stopped entering competitions because we realized we weren’t judged on client results – which is the thing we most value,” says Trish.  “Sure, creativity is important and we certainly deliver.  But it’s the strategy that makes us so successful growing businesses.  We stepped up our focus on results, developed our own strategic methodologies and began taking on only those clients who were serious about results.  We differentiated from other agencies and found our niche.” 

 “I took an unusual path into marketing.  But had I not learned in the trenches of the fast-paced world of TV news, I would never have developed the skills that make our clients successful.  My joy is watching a business as they realize what truly innovative marketing and advertising strategies can do for them.”