Sapphire Moon
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Local hospital turns CEO
retirement into a brand opportunity

"We are extremely pleased with Sapphire Moon's results. They are consistently on concept, on schedule and on budget!" —Raymond F., Hospital CEO


This hospital wanted to pay tribute to its retiring Chief of Staff with a celebration that attracted the industry, community and staff. While their retiring leader had played a significant role in developing the unique vision and success of the hospital, his strong personality has created some negativity with colleagues and industry leaders.


We focused our presentation during the first portion of the live retirement event on the positive, revolutionary changes made under his leadership. The remainder of the tribute showcased him as a person, a family man and a friend. We interviewed a wide variety of colleagues, friends, staff and family to piece together a full picture of his impact at the hospital, his career and his personal life. We developed a memorable and moving theme for the retirement dinner, featuring video-taped interviews and short, well-orchestrated live speeches.


There wasn't a spare seat or dry eye in the house! Attendees remarked they had never fully known or understood the retiring physician. Nor had they really understood the brilliance behind the hospital's unique mission. Even the honoree was moved to tears, revealing a tenderness few colleagues had ever witnessed.