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Local retailer attracts a younger
demographic to sing its praises

"Our brand strategy fit uniquely in the marketplace, creating strong awareness and saturating the market. Our customer testimonials proved to be quite effective." —Edward N., President/Owner


Our client's steady and true customer base was aging, making it critical to attract and build loyalty among a younger demographic. Although the product was advertised nationally by the manufacturer, the national campaign didn't target the younger demographic our client needed for substantial growth and stability.


We interviewed the client's younger customers to fully understand their needs and product perceptions. We built an ad campaign that incorporated what we learned in market research. Our testimonial-based campaign was consistent in all mediums including TV, radio, print and direct mail. We produced a contemporary jingle and visual look that made the hip, new brand energetic, fun and absolutely unforgettable.


Within two years, the customer age averages dropped significantly. Post campaign research proved our strategy and message was successful in achieving brand awareness, particularly for the jingle. Almost half the people polled in demographic surveys actually sang the jingle to our interviewers.