Sapphire Moon
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Local startup revolutionizes the
market with a new product

"You gave us tremendous advantage in a highly competitive industry. You are uniquely qualified to create results. I strongly recommend Sapphire Moon to other start-ups whose success depends on marketing strategies that work from day one!" —Arthur F., General Manager


This pool builder was introducing a new backyard swimming concept to homeowners. They needed to quickly and efficiently define, reach and connect with their target market to generate immediate sales. Their product had multiple benefits they found difficult to clearly complicate.


During strategic planning, we discovered that this product fulfilled several consumer needs that competitive products didn't address. We prioritized those as critical marketing messages and developed a powerful brand that combined the two most vital unmet consumer needs into one simple, easily understood message. We created exciting visual tools and implemented a consistent campaign using internet, TV, radio, direct mail and neighborhood open house events. We stretched our client's limited advertising budget with a successful on/off reach and frequency placement strategy.


Inquiries via phone and internet spiraled upward in direct proportion to our advertising and open house events. Sales closings increased with consistent implementation of messages developed in strategic planning.