Sapphire Moon
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National franchise strategically
plans its way to success

"Working with Sapphire Moon has proven to be the best marketing investment we ever made. You delivered a strategic plan far superior to anything offered elsewhere. Your expertise, professionalism and creativity put you in a league all your own." —Andy C., CEO/Founder


This one-year-old company wanted to franchise nationwide and needed a successful sales and marketing model. After frustrating experiences and disappointing results with two other ad agencies, they turned to Sapphire Moon.


During strategic planning, we helped our client realize the value of creating a consistent brand strategy, unified marketing strategy, consistent sales tools, creative advertising campaign and results-proven sales processes. Market research showed several areas in product delivery and sales that also needed attention to ensure franchisee results. Their marketing plan detailed innovative strategies to strengthen market weaknesses and showcase product strengths. Their brand strategy was so unique and powerful, they appeared to operate in a different industry offering extraordinary strengths over competitors.


Closing ratios soared from 20% to 75%. Internet sales climbed from 2% of total sales to 90%. Interest in franchises was immediate and solid.