Sapphire Moon

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Regional solar contractor
doubles revenue in first year

"If you're serious about results, you'd be a fool — crazy actually — not to work with Sapphire Moon. Their approach is truly strategic — not just tactical. And it works! They gave us campaign tools beyond anything I've seen anybody else offer" —D. Smith, Owner, Regional Solar Contractor


This 36-year-old contracting company wanted to double annual revenue, expand geographically and be known as a market leader — all on a limited budget.  They needed better ways to attract and close qualified leads.  "We knew what we wanted, but didn't know how to get there.  I must admit it's a bit humbling to see just how badly we were doing before we turned it all over to Sapphire Moon.  We're spoiled now and can never go back."


They embraced our 4-step marketing process.  (1) During strategic planning, we worked together to identify goals, unique strengths and customer expectations.  (2) We developed a brand that promised what customers want and what the company uniquely offered.  "It was exciting to see our brand born out of who we truly are."  (3) During production, we created sales, marketing and advertising tools featuring customer success stories.  "This third party validation gives credibility to our 36 years of experience.  And we get lots of compliments on how attractive, informative and professional our campaign is." (4) Now, during implementation, we're delivering results using affordable, proven strategies.


Just five months into implementation, this contractor is on track to double revenue.   "We're overwhelmed with opportunities," says Smith.  "That's very impressive in this down economy.  Sales closings are easier because customers see us as market leaders."  We have a strong online presence with steadily increasing web traffic.  "We see dramatic growth month-to-month as Sapphire Moon leverages its analysis for continuous improvement and expansion."